Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gear Up - Combat Duct-tape

"How to fit a roll of Duct Tape ANYWHERE???"

Combat Duct Tape...A.K.A. 90mph tape. I saw a retail version of this at base supply one time, and thought "I can make one of those!" Ever been out in the trenches, at the camp ground, or on a trip, and needed some duct-tape? To bad you can't carry a roll of that in your field-gear...not comfortably, anyways! So the "Duct-Tape" guys got smart and made a "compact roll" you can carry with you, in your field gear...comfortably!!! IF you know the "guys". But if you don't, here's how to make your own roll of "Combat Duct-Tape"

"Combat Duct Tape...small enough to take anywhere!!!"

Get a sturdy piece of cardboard (fiber board actually...the thin, sturdy stuff...not "corrugated"), and cut it to about 4" long. For the width, cut it just a little thinner than the tape itself. Then, start wrapping the tape around the board, length wise, making sure to keep it taught as you wrap. Do this about twenty/thirty times ,or until the tape is about 1" thick. Now you have a "roll" of "Combat Duct-Tape that will fit in your LC-1 Compass/First-Aid pouch, back pack, Individual First Aid Kit...or just about anywhere!!! I keep one of these in one of my Compass pouches on my LBV, CFP-90, and ALICE Pack, along with some zip-ties and 550/220 cord, as my "Quick Fix/Repair Kit" while in the field.

"Combat duct Tape in an LC-1 Compass/First-Aid Pouch"

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Anonymous said...

Good idea!!! Did you show it to the guys at work? Love, Mom

Sonya said...

I think all the reviews you're doing are helpful. I don't use any of these items but it's pretty cool learning about them.

Anonymous said...

WOW it is duck tape!WOOP WOOP