Saturday, July 7, 2007

Good Gear - Inova 24/7

I'll Start my first "Good Gear" Gear Review, with one of my favorites; The "Inova 24/7". These things are so neat, I own two of these contraptions. I got my first, the basic yellow one, while I was in Korea, and loved it's versatility. As soon as they came out with an olive-drab one, I had to get it! Now I have one to wear with my uniform (and still look proffesional) now I own two!!! It's Basically an eight function LED (Light Emitting Diode), that fills about 50 roles!!!

1. Steady Low (Low White); Just enough to find something at night or read a map
2. Steady High (High White); A little more power for when you REALLY need to find something
3. Strobe (High White); This is great for finding your way back to your campsite, or marking a junction in a cave.
4. S.O.S. Strobe (High White); If your lost enough at night that they have to send a chopper to find you, this function sends 3 short and 3 long bursts of high white light, so the rescue team can see you (from up to two-miles away!!!)
5. Emergency Flasher (High White, Red, and Yellow); attach this to the back of your broken down vehicle (with the magnetic mount that comes with the accessory pack) to keep people from hitting you on the road at night.
6. Caution Light (Red/Yellow Strobe); Use for No. 5, or to mark off a dangerous work area to let people know to "be careful"
7. Red (Steady Red); Use this to conserve night vision or for stealth operations (red light diffuses alot faster than white, and so, is less visible from a distant, and won't damage your night vision equipment like white light). This also conserves battery power, as the red light can light up the same area from the user's view with-out using as much battery power as white light.
8. "Find Me" (Low Red); This function sets the red LED's to blink at about 10-15 second interval on very low power, making it easier for you to locate it in a dark area (closet/footlocker/tent), with-out draining the power on your batteries. Even though the flashlight will run for MONTHS in this mode, I would only set it when I go on a camping trip or something...when I might "unexpectedly need it".

The light comes with a neck holder that clips onto the metal clip, permanently attached to the light. The metal clip is perfect for attaching the light to the pen pocket on your BDU's/work shirt, for hands free operation. (Now, if I could just find out a way to attach this to my PASGT Helmet???)

An "accessory pack" is also available (which I still need to get, but just haven't yet), that comes with a wall mount, a magnetic mount, and a head-strap. Overall, this light is tough, and versatile...great for anybody that may have a job that falls into the Military/Industrial/LE category, or just likes spending times out-doors and wants a light that will do everything and then some!!! Special versions are available for police (with Red and Blue LED's with a"take down" flashing function), and a military version as well (with IR LED's).

I only wish it was little more water-proof!!! You can get it "wet"...just don't use it for a diving light! That, however, is the ONLY drawback...with it's tough construction, and LED light, this thing will take ALOT of damage, and last for a LONG time (LED's have a life of about 100,000 hours...that's 4,166 DAY's!!!...when do you ever really have a flashlight on for more than 5 minutes?)

I've had mine for about 4 years now, and still use them ALOT!!! If you need (or want...LOL) a light like this, it a good deal at $35-$40. It get's a 9 out 0f 10...if it was only "submersible"!!!


Libby said...

Nice bloggy. It is educational. I actually read the whole post. Sounds like you are having fun sharing info about "Boy Toys"!Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I will check this out on a regular basis!