Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good Gear - Gerber Meridian

This "Good Gear" Review covers the Gerber Meridian. This here is my favorite headlamp...while it's not the most powerful or durable one I own, it is the most versatile, and funnest to use. This head lamp has 4 main things that set it apart from MOST headlamps, including just about all the regular one's you've seen at your typical department store's...

1. The best thing that sets this apart is the white LED...this bad-boy has a 1-Watt LED which is ten times brighter than the LED's found in your run-of-the-mill headlamps. (Why do you think those headlamps have so many LED's...4...6...or even 10? Because they're the low-end, and don't produce enough light). With LED's, a good 1-watt is way better than ten .23-.46 watt' may have good area lighting with those one's , but if you need to see anything further than the other side of the yard, you'll need an LED rated at least 1-watt.

2. It has an integral Red and Green Light, that function, yes, you can have the White and Red or White and Green lights on simultaneously. One switch turns the white on-or-off, and the other turns the red and green on-or-off. Red LED's are pretty common on headlamps, but not green, which just adds to the versatility of this.

3. The Red LED also has a built in strobe function, and because of the independent circuitry, you can have the strobe light going, while still being able to use the main LED!!!

4. The lights have independent switches, unlike most headlamps, which saves you from having to cycle through the different colors. One switch operates the white light, while a separate switch operates the red and green lights!

Over all, this is a really nice headlamp, even though it may be shaped different than what most people are used to. Quality construction, with a three position head-band, makes a very comfortable fit, with-out being to bulky. While not completely waterproof, it is weather proof (water resistant), and can take a light rain, or a quick drop in a puddle, with-out being destroyed. Runs on 3-AA Batteries...and because the lights are LED, they run for a very long time on one set of's, not hours!!!

Now, if it were only water-proof, it would get a 10 out-of 10, but then it would cost, it's an awesome headlamp for the price, and gets a 9 out-of 10. When, or IF mine breaks, I will definitely get another one! I actually wouldn't mind getting another one now, to have two!!!


Lights: 1 White, 1 Red, 1 Green LED's

Color: White, Red, Green

Out-put: 30 Lumens (1-Watt White LED)

Range: Approx 100ft. (1-Watt White LED)

Functions: Steady White, Steady Green, Steady Red, Strobe Red

Power: 3-AA

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