Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gear-Up: Bug-Out Can w/ Flashlight

Just thought I'd throw this one on here...Using the Inova 24/7 and one of the wall mounts that comes with the accessory pack, you can have a flashlight mounted ON your bug-out can...and actually make your bug-out/first-aid/car emergency can double as a flashlight!!!

Just use the included adhesive strips that came with the Inova 24/7 accessory pack, and attach one of the wall mounts to the hinged side of your small ammo can (9mm/5.56mm), and voila!!! your bug-out/first aid can just turned into a flashlight, emergency beacon...whatever!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!


Anonymous said...

you finally posted again! That is great!cool!i did enjoy this

MedXLT said...

Great Idea! Is it a magnetic mount? What are some of the items in the bug-out-box?